» Guardienage Terms & conditions
The vessel must be in good working order and be left in a seaworthy condition with any known faults recorded with our office.
Any removable items must be stowed in a safe lockable place.
All except engine sea cocks should be left closed.
The vessel must be insured and have all necessary papers.
We as Ionian Boat Assistance are acting as a guardian for your vessel and will do our up most to prevent harm in any event providing it is safe to do so.
If in the event of damage or theft this is the responsibility of the owner/insurer of the vessel.
The owner/s agrees, throughout the terms and conditions to indemnify and keep indemnified Ionian Boat Assistance from and against any and all loss, damage or liability (criminal or civil) suffered including legal fees and costs incurred by Ionian Boat Assistance resulting from or arising out of breach of the terms and conditions by owners or agents. In addition, the owner/s hereby undertakes to indemnify Ionian Boat Assistance, our servants and service providers and hold them harmless against claims of any kind whatsoever which may be made by third party service providers on respect of services
We as Ionian Boat Assistance LTD hold no responsibility for loss or damage of boat or equipment whatsoever.
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