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All boats require a lot of care and attention. There are a lot of systems all in a very hostile environment and it is very important to keep on top of maintenance, for example, a large number of our emergency breakdown calls are the result of poorly maintained engines. Whether itís just servicing a winch or overhauling your engines we can take care of any of the systems on your boat.
We work hard year round to attend to all of your requirements ensuring all repairs can be taken care of in your absence, managing any projects to ensure top quality & timely workmanship.
Our dedicated team of professional engineers using their vast array of skills, specialist equipment & utilising select contractors for those jobs requiring a specialists touch we are committed to ensuring you receive the best service available.

Engine Servicing
For those boats we care for year round we combine the servicing and winterisation of your engines to maximise the benefit you will receive from our time on board. Combining these two services makes sure your engine is receiving the best treatment at the right times for the minimum amount of our time required while combining the costs and therefore keeping them as affordable as possible. Getting this right is one of the most important things you can do toward preventing expensive damage and potentially dangerous situations.

Engine Work
In addition to the service and maintenance of your engines we can carry out all aspects of engine work required. Be it repowering, complete strip down and rebuild or just the repair and refit of a starter motor. With the cooperation of our parts department we are able to secure quickly any parts required and deal with most anything quickly and efficiently to ensure that your boat is up and running as soon as possible.

We are able to offer anything from replacing a Halyard to a full & complete rig check or replacement. We will advise on any works required highlighting any safety issues & provide you with our report. Any defect repairs can be carried out by our engineers at your request.

GRP Gel Coat& Paint
We have had great experience working with GRP & Gel Coat whether just minor scrapes or scratches to full structural repairs. Any of our structural repairs are made stronger than the original specification of the boat to ensure the longevity of the repair and so no cracking will re-appear in the future. We can also offer paint work be it a full spray or just a touch up however we understand that paint work in general requires an amount of expertise and we have very good relationships with contractors so when we arenít able to carry out a job ourselves we can use people we can trust.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
In recent years we have been listening to our customers and have recognised their needs for a marine refrigeration service in the area. Our staff have undergone training to formalize their knowledge in this subject and have been successfully servicing and installing refrigeration systems since.

Polishing & Antifouling
We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Be it a comprehensive full removal of old anti fouling for re-priming and application,to a simple re application for the seasons use as necessary. We are also able to offer a comprehensive 4-step polishing and protection service or hull treatment as is necessary.

On Board Systems On board systems such as water or electrical supply rarely require maintenance if properly specified & installed. Our engineers working in cooperation with our parts supply department are able to specify supply and install if suitable, any marine systems you may require or wish to have on board to make life more comfortable.

Everything else above is just a selection of the maintenance services we are able to provide. If you require further information or wish to know if we are able to cater for any specific needs not listed please:

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